Septic Tank Cleaning for Duluth, Minnesota, and the Surrounding Areas

Exterior Septic Tank Cleaning

An exterior septic tank is likely to be the primary method of managing wastewater at your home if you are located in a rural area that cannot connect to a city sewer system. To ensure the safety and health of your property, family, and yourself, you should have your septic tank cleaned regularly. Professional cleaning of your septic tank will remove all of the sludge that forms when bacteria digest your household waste, which helps to prolong the life of your systems while preventing clogs and backups.

The Duluth Septic Team has decades of experience in the maintenance of septic systems in Duluth and the surrounding areas. Septic tank cleanings should be scheduled every one to three years, depending on the size and construction of your tank.

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Benefits of Septic Tank Cleaning

Usually, every homeowner has the last thing on their mind when it comes to septic tanks. In the long run, however, paying attention to things like what you put down the drain, how long it has been since your system has been cleaned, and if you see anything strange with your plumbing can help you save money and hassle, not to mention reduce health risks.

Our standard cleaning procedure will also allow us to spot any potential problems with your system so that you won’t have to deal with them in the future. If an issue is not addressed for a long period of time, a tank can leak, crack, or develop other damage. You can reduce the chance of your sludge overflowing into your house or escaping your tank and causing damage to your surroundings when you have it removed.

The septic tank in your home could need cleaning if it has been running slowly or emitting odd odors, or if the toilet has been running slowly and strange odors have been noticed in your home.

Why Duluth Septic Company?

Those looking for highly qualified, licensed professionals who know septic systems should consider Duluth Septic Company. In addition to installing and maintaining pumping systems, we can also repair and maintain them if necessary. The owner and operator of our business have local roots, which means we are able to provide personalized care to every customer that we work with.

The 24/7 emergency service we offer means our team can provide exterior septic repair work even at the most inconvenient time. Further, we know that septic system maintenance is not an option for the average person, and it should not be attempted. In order to maximize performance and keep your effluent as clean as possible, you should service your system annually.

The company is headquartered in Duluth, MN, but we work throughout the surrounding areas as well.

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